Uprooted: 3 Reasons Why I Don’t Plant in the Ground

image On a Spartan Race  course, I have no hesitations in getting dirty and muddy (hello #GrittyandPretty!) I had no problems getting dirty out on our land and in our garden, BUT I’ve got a clean (2 meanings), new way of gardening, that is boasting big results, and is totally revolutionizing how my family and many communities are growing their own food…AND it doesn’t get dirt stuck under your fingernails.

My family, and thousands of others, have fallen in love with the aeroponic systems called Tower Gardens. In fact my family is actually setting one up in our RV! Whether growing indoors or outside, there is an actual scientific study done on comparing these systems to super soil, created and experimented on by Mississippi University. The Tower Garden reaps these benefits over traditional gardening:

Produce is grown up to 30% faster (and more nutrient-dense)

It uses 90% less water (it reuses the same water till it’s totally absorbed by the plants)

It uses 90% less of the land and resources (soil loses it’s nutrients through several ways in traditional gardening)

We’ve experienced this first hand when we gardened both in the towers and on our land; everything that grew in the towers was more abundant, harvested sooner, and lasted longer. Pests seem to not invade the plants on the Tower Gardens, too. Check out how the systems work in this video:

Vertical Aeroponic Technology: See How Tower Garden® Works

We recently sold 16 acres, with the full intention of growing food on the land. We were introduced to the Tower Garden, and over the course of three summers, we made the decision to solely grow from them (except root vegetables).

Vertical Gardens grow food through aeroponicsThere are so many reasons to love the Tower Garden, but these are MY top three:

1. No Weeds! After melting away each summer in the South Carolina sun, ripping out weeds by the root, I’m so thankful for these Tower Gardens!!! Though my squatting position did improve, what a time and back-saver, these Tower Gardens are for me and my family!

2. Less Pests! How disappointing is it to find your beloved crops, overcome with bugs devouring it! Like I mentioned, we would not use pesticides on our plants, and we lost many a crop to bugs!

3. Portable! This is the perfect garden for military families, or those who move a lot. When it’s time to go, just bring your garden with you! Some HOAs prohibit the use of gardens, so this is a cool way to get around it. I’ve lugged ours around for many presentations and demonstrations. These haven’t been available to truly test their lifetime, but with the food grade plastic, it’s expected at least 15 years. The Tower Garden does have a 5 year warranty.

If you are starting to feel your heart strings growing vertical towards these Tower Gardens, check out more information on our Tower Garden page.


Author: Kandice Powell, from Healthy Living Y’All



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