Drink up little peeps!

waterTis the season of lesson planning, book bag buying, school lists being checked off, and “who’s shoes still fit?” questioning. Hello new school year!! I have to say, through it all I’ve had a moment of dread thinking about what to pack for lunch and how to track my kids food and water intake daily? Last year we did okay, but there is definitely room for improvement!  So, I was super excited to find our new glass water bottles, kid size (14oz)!  And a bonus that there were three different colors for three different kids. Anyone out there with multiples just nodded their heads and tossed a fist bump my way! 😉

During last nights preps and organizing the week I filled them with water and placed them in refridgerator to be ready for our first day of school. Everyone had called dibs on the color they wanted, but I hadn’t let them use them for play time because I wanted them to be excited about this new step we are doing as a family: staying hydrated.  This morning while making breakfast, I briefly explained to the kids the importance of being hydrated.  We set goals for each kid and I have to say, I am so pleased with each of them for how they finished the day. My oldest, he is eleven and approximately 65lb, his goal was 3 bottles down by the end of the day. (a total of 42oz) My nine year old is approximately 80lb, (yes I typed that correctly), his goal was 4 bottles. And my baby girl is seven, approximately 54lb, and her goal was 2-1/2 bottles. They all met their goals by 1:00 today! And a bonus laugh when Addie exclaimed, “hey mom you’re right, my pee is finally clear!” HaHa!! She is my little spit fire!

I am super excited to have found an easy way to know my kids are hydrated throughout the day. I challenge all of you to find water bottles that are a comfortable size for your tiny humans to carry and teach them the amount they need to intake everyday.


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